New Beginnings

I see the apples turn from green to red on the large apple tree near my classroom. I view the red, yellow and brown leaves fall to the ground in piles as I look outside my double classroom windows. I feel the cool breeze on my skin as the students play during recess, and now I know that new beginnings are truly here, and the 2016-17 Kindergarten school year is officially in full effect.

One of the best things about seeing our new students’ transition to kindergarten is their excitement and wonder about new beginnings. New transitions can be challenging and refreshing, too! The cool thing about Kindergartners is they're adaptable and ready for exploration.

It blows my mind to see how the students have gotten acclimated to their daily routines, classroom schedules and the Lake Windward Elementary school culture. Our motto is, "Learn and grow, lead and show." The students are doing just that, "learning and growing" and soon they will be "leading and showing." It is a privilege each day to see the bright smiling faces of our students walk to class independently, then prepare for the day as they take off their book bags, place it in their cubbies, and get ready to learn something new each day. It is our hope as teachers that we impact their lives where they love school and love learning.

The dedicated LWE kindergarten teachers prepare each week to deliver content in a way that students enjoy, and experience learning in ways that are appropriate for their learning styles and academic levels. As the fall season breezes in, we are looking forward to the amazing things the students will discover, and the great fun of learning we will experience.

Happy Fall!!!!

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