Teaching our Kindergartners to WONDER

At Lake Windward Elementary, we believe that children are full of potential and capable of building their own theories.

What is Inquiry-based Learning?

Inquiry-based Learning is a strategy that we use to help our students learn to use their own ideas, questions, and abilities to drive their learning. The natural curiosity of young children makes them highly motivated learners; therefore, we place student questions and ideas at the center of the learning process. Students are encouraged to ask questions and then investigate their own “wonders” about the world. Inquiry-based learning does not mean that the educators are relinquishing their role. It is a mindset where educators and students are co-learners, where educators facilitate learning, rather than dictating learning. The classroom becomes a society of collaboration in which all learners have ownership of ideas and solutions. The teachers use their knowledge of curriculum and expectations to extend student learning. They ask open-ended questions and engage students in problem-solving processes.

Teaching our Kindergartners to WONDER

Children are curious! They light up when the subject is something they're interested in learning. They also love to know why. Making connections to their world and inspiring them to seek answers to their questions is one way to keep them excited about learning.

Our teachers use various forms of provocations that encourage the students to explore and wonder. Young learners love to discover and share with one another. We visit our STEM Lab on a monthly basis, which is a great way to teach discovery to our kindergartners.

Also, Wonderopolis is a free site for Inquiry-based learning. The site shares a short video each day. The videos are engaging for students and encourage creative thinking. There is a new Wonder for each day. This is a great at-home activity to encourage the students to ask good questions.

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