Important People and Important Traits

Who are the important people in your child’s life? What kind of character traits do you want to instill in your child? Are you surrounding your family with people who show these traits?

This school year, your child has learned about six character traits…respect, responsibility, honesty, leadership, perseverance, and compassion. Each week during Smart Time, the children listen to a story focused on the monthly trait, and then have a discussion about how this trait can be shown in their own lives. These are amazing discussions to listen in on!

January and February were the months your children learned about some of the important people who shaped our country. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ruby Bridges, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln are four Americans who have shown the six character traits we focus on at LWES. Each of these Americans is an example of how doing what is right and honorable isn’t always easy, but can be worthwhile and impactful.

The four famous Americans our Kindergartners learned about this winter show that our country is a wonderful place where opportunity is open to all. Regardless of who your parents are, the size of your house, what you look like, where you worship, or even how old you are, each of us has ability to lead a successful life while positively influencing those around us.

So, ask yourself the three questions that began this blog one more time. Don’t just think about who your child will be when he/she grows up, but think about who is your child today.

We continue to be excited about the future when we work with you and your children. Thank you for being awesome Kindergarten parents!

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