A Big Step

Excitement is in the air! A new school year has begun and I can see the excitement on the students faces each day! Starting Kindergarten is a big step as much for the parents as it is for the children. As a parent, I remember well the first day of Kindergarten for my own children with a mix of apprehension and excitement. The thoughts that I had as a parent that day were “Is my child ready?”, “Will they adjust well to a new school?”, “Will their teacher foster a love for learning in my child?”. I’m sure you have had similar feelings as your child starts this new chapter.

The Kindergarten teachers understand your concerns and have been working hard to help your child adjust to their classroom routines. They have adjusted very quickly and it is amazing to see their progress already! In just a few short weeks the students have already learned all the safety protocols and practiced emergency drills including fire drills, tornado drills, and intruder drills. They are also learning the behavior expectations in the classroom as well as throughout the school building. We have had fun getting to know each other and embracing our differences. We have already started learning some letters and letter sounds, numbers, counting as well as some sight words, and of course there was a lot of excitement during the once in a lifetime eclipse! Whew! We have had a busy start the school year!

Thank you for entrusting your child with us each day. We are looking forward to partnering with you to make this a successful year for your child.

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