Purposefully Grateful

A popular trend right now in decorating is to hang signs throughout your home with positive sayings or the name of your family and the date it was established. Have you seen them? Do you have one in your house?

This reminds me of another trend you may or may not remember…framed cross-stitched sayings or bible verses. Am I dating myself? Probably! There was usually one hanging in a grandparent’s kitchen “back in the day”.

Have you wondered why these types of trends keep popping back up? Why do we need reminders of when a family was started or how your family works? Why do we need to see positive statements throughout our day?

Research is finding that we can train our brain to be positive in the same way you can train the muscles in your body to be stronger. Do you believe this to be true? When you read a statement on Face Book that says, “You can decide which color to paint your day…yellow or gray.” does it ring true? Might depend on the day, right?!

So, now that we are officially into the month of November where we have holidays that inspire gratitude like Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, I’d like to challenge you and your family. Each day try to train your brains to be purposefully grateful. Think of not only when your family was established, but why. Each day list at least three things you are thankful for within your family and three things you are grateful for outside the home.

Share your positive thoughts with your family at dinner and listen to theirs or put something positive on social media that can remind others to be grateful, as well.

As you spend your weeknights memorizing sight words, doing homework, and completing projects and your weekends working out and watching your kids play sports, don’t forget to take some time to train your brain, and the brains around you, to be purposefully grateful. See if you can color your days yellow even when there are gray skies around you, and teach your family to pick up that brush and paint the world yellow, too!

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