Blooming Kindergartners

“Every child is a different kind of flower and All together make this world a Beautiful garden”

As I reflect on the Kindergarten school year for the 12th year…… I think about each child in my room and where they started this school year. I reflect not only on their learning and growth academically but also socially, emotionally, behaviorally and physically. Children truly blossom in kindergarten. I always feel SO excited to remind children how their hard work has transferred into smarter minds and more capable humans overall. Many children access skills at this time which throughout their lifetime will enable them to better themselves. Skills such as learning to read, finding independence, confidence, learning math fluency in numbers, learning to work in groups and communicate appropriately, understanding rules, routines and procedures and why we need them. Each child grows and changes more or less in various areas. They show their colors Red, Blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink a beautiful array of colors; “A beautiful garden”.

As you attend your child’s Students Led Conference he/she will have the opportunity to share their goals and their growth with you; be mindful not only of the growth your child has shown in academics. Really reflect on who your child was the day they walked into their Kindergarten classroom and consider how far he/she has come. Celebrate and congratulate both your child and yourself for putting in the work and for growing. Finally, as you know “Learning is a journey, not a Destination”. Talk to your child about how he/she could grow over the summer and make an intentional effort to foster growth.

Wishing everyone a Safe, Happy and Fun summer of Learning and adventure!


Ms. Sosa

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