Apple Season

Fall is in the air and the smells of apple and pumpkin spice are warming our hearts. Autumn is such a great season to explore the outdoors and

a variety of apples and yummy pumpkins treats.

Our Kindergarten students have been learning about the contributions of Johnny Chapman also known as Johnny Appleseed. They have learned many character traits of Johnny Appleseed like: kindness, giving, and thankfulness. They also have explored our Apple tree on campus, made many apple and fall projects, and this is just the beginning.

As we enter into this beautiful time of learning, the students have a wonderful opportunity to notice and take observation of the world around them. We encourage them to draw colorful and detailed pictures of their environment and label the pictures. This is the beginning process of writing for the kindergarten student. The students are learning to write sentences using 5 Star writing:

  1. Capital letter to start my sentence

  2. Punctuation to end my sentence

  3. Use fingers spaces

  4. Use neat handwriting

  5. My sentence makes sense

When writing sentences, students are able to sound out words and write them phonetically (write the letter sounds they hear to create the word) as they create their sentence. We also encourage them to spell sight words correctly.

“Most writers begin as readers and most of us stay that way. For good reason. Nobody and nothing is a better teacher for our writing than books. Every time we pick up a good book to read, we have an opportunity to study with a master,” says blogger Judy Reeves in her post, Why Good Writers are Good Readers.

In Brian Wosko’s blog post, Do good readers make good writers? He says, “he always found that strong writers tend to be avid readers.”

Kindergarten is the foundation of our students learning a love for reading and writing. Our goal is to allow students to learn and grow creatively as they enjoy practicing their new writing skills while enjoying and exploring the autumn season.

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